Future Impact Junior

Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligence by Dr. Howard Gardner (1983), the underlying concept is that every child is born with the capacity to create joy and comes into life with wonder, awe, curiosity, spontaneity, vitality, flexibility, and many other characteristics of joy. The theory proposes eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential in children and adults.

The Multiple Intelligence Workshop focuses on each of these intelligences and strives to bring out the best in every student, in a methodology that is laced with activities, games, contests and a lot more events to make the process of learning enjoyable and fun.
Communication begins in that small world where we grow up - the world of family, friends and early schooling. That’s where we learn our “default” vocabulary and grammar, speech patterns, facial expressions and body language. Good communication skills require a lot of tools like language skills, poise, knowledge and awareness but it derives from the one most important aspect - Confidence. By way of this course, our objective is to instill that confidence in each student and not only help him or her develop excellent communication skills, but also motivate them to apply it in different spheres of life.

The 3P methodology of Prepare-Participate-Practice is used in every session to ensure that each student plays an active part in the learning process. The sessions are a mix of theory, activities, audio-visual shows, games and take-home challenges. The students will be participating in every session and contributing their thoughts, talking about their strengths and weaknesses and learning a new skill every session.
A dedicated and focused program on debating and public speaking skills. Objective is to develop these skills early in children and to groom them to be effective speakers and confident debaters. This is both a long-term program for schools and also can be done as a short 6-8 sessions workshop for students during vacation. The program inculcates rapid thinking, correct body language and a range of skills that will make students feel and appear confident while addressing an audience.
We organize annual inter-school debate and public speaking contests that facilitate students to compete and bring out the best in them. The schools are closely involved in the events.